Bring back guests with repeat business.

Is it the huge hot breakfast we offer, then our guest lounge with a 55 inch screen TV (used mostly for sporting events), then our warm and inviting outdoor patio with BBQ Grills, then our spacious rooms! Did I mention my staff and our southern hospitality service?

SERVICE…Unexpected service, and this starts from the bellman till the check out.

The purpose is to make guest’s stay as pleasant as possible. Believe in the best experience of a guest.
The Staff: Very polite people, but nice people. Staff..with that genuine smile and helping nature, not scripted.

Free internet?

Of course free. It is not new. It has a necessity. It is embarrassment to have guests hanging around the lobby using the internet, or worse, going to the Internet café down the corner. It costs nothing to run,if y7ou compare your tariff.

Doing whatever it takes to provide a unique experience for each guest. Training employees to listen to the guests without interrupting, understanding their need and problem and solving them and respond to the hidden questions accessing the cues. Often those questions have nothing to do with the hotel itself. May be information.

An important feature of  a hotel can offer to enhance repeat Customer or  business is to build a Service Culture in the Organization by letting each and every staff to build a positive attitude in giving a personal guarantee and proving a great service to each guest interaction. This means all staff to be cheerful from greeting to fond Farewell point in keeping a memorable moment in their minds of all customers who patronize the hotel. Three Simple Key Factors should include: Recognition – Service Excellence with due attention & inviting to return of the guest

With a trained courteous team you need clean, comfortable hotel and a great price. Whether economy or luxury brand offer guest value.
From fresh hot coffee in the morning through spending the night in a clean comfortable guest room, satisfaction is the goal, all at a great price.

Building a “Positive Service Culture” having a dedicated team, its needless to say that the product including its quality Food & Beverage should very important to draw the customer to hotel.

Building loyalty:

The concept is simple, yet many fail to execute. Loyalty is a function of understanding what guests want and need and delivering services and product that exceeds their expectations. Today merely being satisfied is simply not enough. What is required for true loyalty is moving guests into the very satisfied category. Reach-out to guests, exceed their expectations, be unique in satisfying and when you think you’ve done enough, ask what else we can be doing for the guest. It’s a simple equation, and just execute!

Good Room:
Comfortable room & attractive furniture help very much as well as Hitech Audio visual gadgets with alarm a clock, minibar and toiletries with good and spacious bath room modern facilities for  guest needs.
This beside lobby & outlets furniture as well equipment use to the guests this is the base to welcoming guests with confident.
Advertising & Social

The main features to bring customers back to a hotel is to attract by way of advertising – Word of mouth & Social media, maintain by providing excellent service & retain by follow up and recognizing the repeat guests. To achieve this it is important to focus on the Quality of Product, Service and Food with a well trained staff that understands the guest’s needs & wants meeting and exceeding their expectations at all times. Staff empowerment, Motivation and re-enforcement play a major role to stay on top.They should interact with guests on social media and post experiences on their hotels’ social media websites

Internet access….Number one,  priority for business now.
Efficient business centre with free printer and tea & coffee set, not in a small corner and with decorations details.. it has to be as pleasant as a VIP lounge if possible
Location… offering easy access still charming surroundings…
Recognition… business guests might be stressed, they appreciate any peaceful approach and special needs recognition
Efficient concierge service: cabs, best restaurant reservations…
Efficient & comfortable Airport shuttle.

Employees have to be customer caring, that special touch that would wow our guests
goes a long way, to making repeat customers forever. Make it easy for your customers to
do business with you. Yes include all of the modern technology that we are all addicted to,
that our customers want and expect from your hotel. Be ready to grasp change, in this
rapidly changing industry that we all love so much, stay focused and alert to your market
place, your competitor too,will be looking for weakness in your operation. Do market
research to be in the know.

Listen to the guest, thank them often for choosing your hotel, thank them again,
when they depart look forward to welcoming back again, ask “can we book another
stay for you now?”

No matter what you do, to promote customer loyalty, it must be backed
by a quality product, with excellent condition, with exceptional cleanliness that
is paramount to success. Customer satisfaction has many values, and have to be
addressed each and every one of them, for that total positive customer experience.

Getting repeat business:
Repeat hotel customers cost less than new ones Repeat customers are walking billboards. If a customer returns to your place of
business, chances are pretty good, that they liked what they saw the first time around.
They spread the word; publicity that comes is free of charge to you. To build repeat customers, be consistent. On the surface, a solid base of repeat customers might seem a little more than a matter of providing excellent service. True, but excellence cannot be a not be a hit or miss proposition.
Hire the right people! Since your employees are on the front lines, their demeanour and interaction with clients can cement relationships that bring customers back.  Know your customers well! It’s hardtop build repeat business if you don’t know what your customers value. Keep it personal! By definition, a repeat customer is someone you get to know. Nurture that by keeping your relationship as personal as possible. Get to know them by name, set up a system of guests history’s, there is software that can accomplish this. Do stay in contact! Encourage repeat business by staying in touch with your customers through a blog, news letter, or some other vehicle (there are many) that affords ongoing

I’m sure that many of you could add more to my repeat customers list of suggestions. Every hotel is unique, build your own seven steps, expand it, and work with your staff to make it policy for all to follow, when dealing with our customers. This does not happen
overnight, it takes time, patience, building as solid repeat customer base, is a team effort, everyone has to be on the same page, and we all have to excel in everything that we do, make our hotel, the envy of the competition.

Often guests are frustrated because the WIFI doesn’t work, or they are sick of all the advertisements and surveys they have to go through to get connected. Guests are demanding more and more WIFI and better speeds, faster speeds.

In the last couple of weeks Apple has released their new IOS 7 updates and within in a matter of a few minutes the amount of traffic on the Internet doubled and has remained at that level. According to  Gartner “by 2015 80% of all NEWLY installed networks will be obsolete because of improper planning.” And consequently the number of guests will drop.

Guests come for good staff, the excellent service, complimentary breakfast, the 55 inch screens, but ultimately stay and come back because know that they can trust the wireless internet to work and allow to video chat with families, review emails, send reports, upload vacation pictures, play Xbox or PlayStation, and ultimately feel at home.

“Home is where the WIFI is”

Price is not very important:

You can have a great price but a terrible product. In the motel industry a terrible product would be an out dated room with flat pillows, old bed sets, stained carpets ect. I have walked into such rooms and walked back out. I have dealt with poor service before just to get a good product at a good price. An example I shop at major discount store. Some of the people at my local discount store are not too friendly or helpful, but their products are name brand and a good price. But good service will mean a more enjoyable experience. And lastly is location, are you close to where people want to be and is it easy to get to. As I mentioned before at our location there is a combination of reasons we have many repeat visitors and have for many years. This is a great team, a great product, a great price and a great location. We are not a big motel we only have 98 rooms but we have been sold out or just about sold out almost every night since April.

I think its a total effort from staff down to the vendors. For example, when a guest drive onto the parking lot, the curb appeal is the first thing they see along with the cleanliness of the building. When they enter the property, the lobby must be clean and smell good along with the public bathroom. The front desk staffs makes eye contact and speak first to the guest. Fast check in and out is a MUST!!!!! All staff must speak to the guest when they are on property. Their room must be clean along with all touch points working in the room. Never running OUT OF FOOD or VENDING ITEMS!!!! So, I think it’s a collective effort on the management, staff, and vendors.

Short and to the point:

Good Guest Service
Amenities and Services
Comfoteable Beds

Lavish breakfast

Faster Room Service